Competition Committee

All rules related decisions for the Men’s and Women’s Super Leagues will be made by a joint Competition Committee that consists of 5 people. These people include 2 reps from the Men’s Super League, 2 reps from the Women’s Super League, and 1 rep from the Saville Centre.
The CCA’s Rules of Curling for General Play will apply. Otherwise, the Competition Committee will make all rulings, and their decisions will be final. Please note that, due to the varied composition of this committee, decisions will not be made on the spot on Wednesday nights. Instead, any game in question will be played ‘under protest’, and a ruling will then be made within 48 hours.
In order for a complaint to be considered by the Competition Committee, an e-mail must be sent by the non-offending team within 24 hours of the game in question (i.e. by Thursday night @ either 6:15 pm or 8:45 pm). This e-mail should detail the alleged rule infraction, and should be sent to Karla Ishida (e-mail: ). It will then be forwarded to the rest of the Competition Committee.


League Format

All games are 8-ends in duration, and if the game is tied after regulation the team with the hammer will have the option of 1) playing an extra end, or 2) drawing the button for the win. Please note that this option only applies to the Regular Season. Extra end(s) must be played in the Playoffs.

The Men’s Super League will play double full round robin of 18 games.

The Men’s Playoffs will qualify the top 4 teams into the A division playoffs and teams placed 5 thru 8 into the B division playoffs.  The bottom 2 teams will not make the playoff round. A single knock-out playoff round will be played within each of the 2 playoff divisions.
The higher seeded team will receive their choice of hammer or rock colour in the Playoffs. Please note that the specific payouts will differ depending on financial state of the league and this information will be communicated separately to the members.



Sparing & Substitution


The only restriction during the Regular Season is that spares must be of the appropriate gender for the league. Please note that best efforts will be made to supply an appropriate spares list for each league.
Other than being of the appropriate gender or age, there are no other rules governing sparing or substitution in the Regular Season. To clarify, teams may use an unlimited number of spares, from both inside and outside their league, and these spares may play any position. Please note that this policy recognizes the importance of getting games played, and the difficulty of enforcing any other approach.
The sparing and substitution rules for the Playoffs are somewhat different. At this point, teams must have at least two players from their registered roster in order for the game to be played. Any spares used in the playoffs must come from outside their league (i.e. players from other teams, eliminated or not, are not eligible to spare). Spares must play the lowest possible position in the Playoffs.


Postponed/Make-Up Games

Barring a facility-related cancellation or other emergency, there is only one legitimate reason for a game to be postponed. That reason is if a team is forced to miss the game due to a recognized out-of-league curling event, which is defined as one that carries with it points for Super League qualification purposes (e.g. Play-downs at the International, National, Provincial, or Regional levels, WCT Events, etc.).
To clarify, if a team is unavailable to play because of a conflict with a recognized outside curling event they are not considered at fault. If this occurs the other team is required to provide at least 3 dates when they would be available to play a make-up game. The game will only be considered a default if the team that was away originally is unable to field a team for any of the proposed make-up dates.





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